The 2018 Spidermonkeys

Number Name Year Major Club Team
0 Ty Englert Jr. Botany?
2 Evan Steinfeld Jr.
5 Conor Tenbus Sr. Geography Blitzkrieg
8 Ben Weinstein So. Physics
8 Matt Graves '10 *Coach*
12 Justin Keller Sr. Cognitive Sci. Floodwall
16 Chris Selwood Jr. Accounting Shockoe Slip
22 Harris Cannon So.
24 Mike Le Sr. Finance/Comp. Sci.
27 Pat Murray Jr. Math/Econ
30 Graydon Cowan Jr. Political Sci.
34 Zach Perkins So.
37 Xaxier McCormick So.
44 Evan Crawford Sr. Chemistry Tyrannis
48 Patrick TomHon Sr. Chemistry/Econ
52 Bobby Croxon So.
69 Chris Cassella So.
75 Abe Schroeder Sr. Math/Physics

Coach Matt Graves

Commonly found on the sidelines wearing his distinctive woven poncho and spray painted Spidermonkeys hat, Graves has helped lead the Spidermonkeys to three Nationals appearances and a National Championship. His commitment, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the game are valuable assets for the team. No one has more faith in our team. He is calm when games are close, and can light a fire under us when needed.

The 2017 National Champion Spidermonkeys!


Number Name Year Major Club Team
0 Ty Englert So. Botany?
2 Evan Steinfeld So.
6 Mitch Woo Sr. Accounting Shockoe Slip FC
7 Cpt. Sam Gillespie Sr. Chemistry Tyranus
8 Ben Weinstein Fr. Foggy Bottom Boys
8 Matt Graves '10 *Coach* Floodwall
10 Jimmy Lenox Sr. Accounting/Spanish
12 Justin Keller Jr. Cognitive Sci. Tyranus
16 Chris Selwood So. Accounting Slag Dump
19 Mitch Parry Sr. Psycology/English
21 Matt Szeluga Sr. Marketing/Leadership
22 Harris Cannon Fr.
24 Mike Le Jr. Finance/Comp. Sci.
27 Pat Murray So. Math/Econ
28 Cpt. Henry Babcock Sr. Physics Red Tide
30 Graydon Cowan So. Political Sci.
34 Zach Perkins Fr.
37 Xaxier McCormick Fr.
44 Evan Crawford Jr. Chemistry Shockoe Slip FC
48 Patrick TomHon Jr. Chemistry/Econ
52 Bobby Croxon Fr.
69 Chris Cassella Fr. Insomnia
75 Abe Schroeder Jr. Math/Physics
84 Cpt. Joey Cullison Sr. Accounting
99 Brenden Carol Sr. Political Sci. Shockoe Slip FC